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Help Your Knees Help You

Hello wonderful! 🌞
Walking into Summer. Here comes the better weather, so being able to walk without pain and discomfort is essential for enjoying every day.
Case Study.

Patient C presents with knee pain. It can be intermittent, but the ache can be constant. He is a male in his early 60s, and has always been physically active. He works hard and has to walk a lot, often on uneven ground. Pain is making him feel less confident in what he does, and the nagging ache is stealing the daily joy of life.

On examination, there is some wear and tear (a little arthritis - normal), no noticeable swelling, only a slight detection of heat. However, when examining the alignment of the patella tracking, strength and muscle balance around the knee joint, it shows weakness and an imbalance of the contractor muscles, specifically the VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique).This little muscle is what helps the correct movement of your patella as your knee is  flexed and extended.

After treatment, I gave patient C some important rehab exercises to strengthen the VMO and create balance and strength in the knees, which he followed every day, to the letter! I then received a call to thank me for making his knees better – he told me they were now better than they had been for years!

Why am I quoting this case study? Am I responsible for his being better? NO! I was a catalyst, but he was the person who did the work and changed the situation. He now doesn't have to think, “Oh, not sure I should do this or that, as it may hurt my knees”, because his knees are working well again.

This is why I have been a therapist for 35 years. I absolutely love to see others regain control of their lives and live fully.

Thank you SO MUCH, patient C!  Awesome work!! 🙏🏻😁

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