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Get yourself Fiercer and Fitter in 4 weeks

What is this course about?

This programme will challenge you, whether that is mentally or physically, checking where you are now and testing what you may like to achieve in the future.

It is FUN.... It offers you many different types of training styles, so it's pretty boredom-proof and definitely thought-provoking, including new things to try. What you will receive from this programme is a whole and healthy program, for you to continue in your life with more skills in training your body, in ways that you enjoy, and being able to vary them from time to time so that the body doesn't reach a plateau, there are no longer challenges on the tissues and adaptation becomes a thing of the past!

You will work through each day in succession; every day is different and no day is too long, sometimes the training is very short but intense (Tabata Training, from the Japanese physiologist Izumi Tabata in the 1990s; short intense training similar to HIIT). We have also included information to help with fat burning, intermittent fasting, cold showering and water!!!

After completing the 4-week programme you should have a clear list of training that really inspires you and makes you excited, also you will have felt those tougher sessions that give you DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, usually 24-48 hrs after training) and the satisfaction that you know you have trained well and the body is repairing and toning those tissues.

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Fit-in-4-weeks course
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