Clinic Re-Opening

We are so excited to bring this news to you all and as you know we have been super busy!!

We have made our decision and will be opening for business again on Monday 8th June. This is extremely exciting for us, however, there are some things that we need you all to understand...

  • Firstly we will be doing all we can to safe guard you and ourselves, so we will be wearing masks and using a specifically recommended (for our trade) disinfectant and sanitiser (80% alcohol base). 
  • We will be spacing out the bookings and will need to keep on time. To help us increase efficiency, we politely request you write a list of your ailments and inform us at the beginning of treatment. This helps us focus on your specific needs to the best of our ability 😊
  • We also have a contactless thermometer gun, so if you have a temperature we will unfortunately not be able to treat you. If you have another medical reason for running a high temperature please bring a doctors note to ensure you are safe to treat. 
  • We also require everyone to sign a disclaimer, kindly reminding you that coming in for a treatment, is at your own risk. As you know, even in these unprecedented times, we will do our very best to keep everyone safe. 
  • So if you would like to book in, please text us on 07748 988851 and we will get back to you ASAP, this is the best way for us to organise the diary! Also if you have a preferred day then we will try to arrange that for you. Please trust we will be on the case 😁

All that being said, we can not wait to see you all and we want to thank you so much for all your loving, supportive and wonderful messages ❤️

Love and Energy 

Liz and Jessica