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6-Week 'Better Back, Better Life, Better You!' Course

More details - Better Back, Better Life, Better You! Challenge

Get Back Fit with your body and your life! Have you suffered with: 

  • Back pain
  • Injury to your back
  • Lost the ability to live a normal life due to weakness in your back

Top back specialist and training professional Elizabeth, is here to help you restore your back, with strength and flexibility exercises that will also increase your overall vitality. 

This is an educational back-and-body course, designed to empower you and put you back in the driving seat of your life. 

The aim is to give you the tools and the fun to enjoy and understand the key principles of core to global body health.

Elizabeth is so passionate about helping people achieve their goals and aspirations, when it comes to health and fitness. With over 30 years experience, she is now using this passion and expertise to help you at home.

As a Physical Therapist, Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer, she has the skills to help you build an awesome core to protect the spine, whilst guiding you to get functionally fit. Elizabeth's ethos is “Perfect Posture Promotes Peak Performance.” Get your life back with Back Fit... Subscribe to this course now and let’s get started.!

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  1. Full access to all programs in a monthly recurring subscription
  2. Lifetime access to our this course with a one-time payment

'Better back, Better Life, Better YOU!' , Includes:

  • Visualisations and  guided meditations, to empower your personal transformational journey, for daily use.
  • Nutritional advice and some great recipes to really maximise your results.
  • Your own community social group. You are all in this together!
  • Take your training anywhere, and use daily - on your phone, laptop or iPad.
  • Access to all new content, and the exclusive Community to hold you accountable and create long-term results.

Fit-In-4-Weeks Course

More details about Fit-in-4 Weeks

This programme will challenge you, whether that is mentally or physically, checking where you are now and testing what you may like to achieve in the future.

It is FUN.... It offers you many different types of training styles, so it's pretty boredom-proof and definitely thought-provoking, including new things to try. What you will receive from this programme is a whole and healthy program, for you to continue in your life with more skills in training your body, in ways that you enjoy, and being able to vary them from time to time so that the body doesn't reach a plateau, there are no longer challenges on the tissues and adaptation becomes a thing of the past!

You will work through each day in succession; every day is different and no day is too long, sometimes the training is very short but intense (Tabata Training, from the Japanese physiologist Izumi Tabata in the 1990s; short intense training similar to HIIT). We have also included information to help with fat burning, intermittent fasting, cold showering and water!!!

After completing the 4-week programme you should have a clear list of training that really inspires you and makes you excited, also you will have felt those tougher sessions that give you DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, usually 24-48 hrs after training) and the satisfaction that you know you have trained well and the body is repairing and toning those tissues.

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Beginner Pilates Course

More details about the Beginner Pilates Course

Pilates was created by a very clever man, Joseph Pilates, in answer to improve back strength, flexibility and all over co ordination. He was way ahead of his time and he worked with a varied clientele from Athletic dancers and gymnasts, to ordinary people with chronic pain.

His techniques are used worldwide to help improve posture, core strength and prevent back pain. The body functions at its best when we can execute movements correctly. Through Pilates we can learn or re-learn how to move in a way that strengthens our back and leaves back pain in the past.

“As a ‘bad back’ sufferer, I find Elizabeth’s Pilates classes invaluable. Not only do they help to keep me pain free, but strengthening my ‘core’ and flattening my tummy helps my clothes fit better too!”  –  Harriette

Our follow-along video sessions  will enable you to understand what the key areas of your core are, why they are important and how to use it.

Everyone who has ever suffered with back pain will realise the importance of finding a technique that prevents its return.

“As the instructor I, myself have suffered from back injury, with falls from horses and know how desperate you can feel with the pain. Learning to build strength and look after our backs is imperative for long and happy lives!” Elizabeth.

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