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We're growing, and from the original basic version of this website, we're aiming to improve and grow to give you a better experience and make it easier to use and more useful for you. So, you may notice a few changes as we continue this process.

It's all designed to make the courses and other material easier to access and to use day-to-day, and to help you follow through in your journey. Here are some of the things you may notice....

New Page Titles

Rather than telling you the Week and Day you're on, each lesson page now has a descriptive heading, like Pilates 1, Isometrics Workout, Warm-Up etc. so you can see what is in each day or week's schedule.

Complete a Lesson Page

After each main workout or exercise session, you will start to see a Completion Page, which tells you what percentage of the lessons you have completed, and gives you a chance to give us some feedback. This is optional! We welcome your feedback - it will help us to improve, so don't hold back. We will check your comments regularly, and you can update these each time you do that particular lesson.

From this page, you can also check your progress - to see which lessons you have done for the current day or week of your course.

Login Welcome and Course Menu: My Profile

The Login Welcome page is the first page you see when you login, and the course menu is the list of all the lessons where you select your next lesson to go to. We are enhancing these to make it easier to see where you are, what your last session was, and select your next lesson easily. Up to now, there was just a simple list of Weeks and Days, but we're improving this, with a list showing the lessons more clearly.

In future, you will be able to select the Login Welcome page to go back there from anywhere on the site, by clicking My Profile in the Menu at the top of each page.

Progressive Weeks

For certain courses, when you start the course, only Week 1 will be available. When you have completed all the lessons in Week 1, Week 2 will automatically be unlocked for you. This is to ensure that you follow the course as it was designed by Elizabeth. However, bear in mind that everyone is different, so you can repeat lessons, and you do not have to take exactly one week to complete each week of the course.

Once you have completed the whole course, you will have unlocked all of the lessons for all the weeks, and there will be an option to select any of the lessons, and create your own list of favourites. You can then make your own personal list of lessons which you will see on the Course menu, to follow at your own pace whenever you wish.

For any advice about the pace of the courses, or which lessons to repeat, or to ask about the unlocking of the next week, please speak to Elizabeth.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or need any support about the exercises and routines in the courses, please contact Elizabeth (✆ 07748 988851). Any issues with the website of a technical nature, please email

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Class1 meditation

Meditation 3

Positive Powerdown and
The Healing Power of Sleep


In the same way physical exercise trains your body, meditation is an approach to training your mind and like physical training - it takes practice and dedication. You don't have to think, so you can focus on nothing or maybe on your breathing as this helps to clear the monkey mind 🐵.

Note: if you struggle with trying to fit into the breathing pattern on this meditation, just relax and use deep breathing at your own pace, this will improve. Claire recommends using headphones to block out external distractions. You can use this in a comfortable but supported seated position, to wind down at the end of the day or laying down in bed last thing at night before sleep for a positive powerdown.

New Meditation: Claire has given us this lovely LOVE + GRATITUDE meditation - relax, enjoy and feel the love ❤️

Sleep, are you doing it right? 💤

“You are not just your back” You are a physical being! And your body is like the temple you set up home in.

Look around your home, right now, is it in good order? Is there different spaces in your home, places that encourage different activities, emotions, feelings?

- The Kitchen/Dining room is usually for conversation and chatter or creating wonderful goodies.

- The Lounge is for relaxing, resting or being entertained by the big box (TV) or a book shelf for reading or quiet reflexion.

- The Bathroom- a long soak in a relaxing bath or a quick shower to freshen up and re-energise! You get the idea..

Your home is a well lived in and organised space, you know what each part needs and what makes it more comfortable for living in.

So, what about your temple?

How do you nurture this space that you live in? (Each topic I will expand over time!)

Is it well rested?

Do you sleep well?

Do you go to bed at a reasonable time? (10ish)

Do you walk into your bedroom and feel a sense of calm and literally feel your body sigh as if saying- ‘great, time to close down’ ?

Sleep is imperative to healing. A good nights sleep, preceded by good amounts of Melatonin *the sleep hormone.. may sound something like this: You stopped eating at around 6-7pm and only had water to drink since then, so you are hydrated, but not saturated or you will be waking up to go to the loo. Then your body can work on regenerating the bodies joints, muscles, digestive system, skin, immune system, fascia - it can really focus as you relax and drift off to sleep! How wonderful.

There are many ways to improve sleep routines and help you out of any bad habits - change is never easy, but often it is necessary. 15 ways to improve poor sleep patterns.

- If you have any current worries, write them all down in a pad and really allow yourself to let go and give it (the worry) to the paper.

- Stop watching TV, iPad/Tablet, Phone, or blue light products 60 minuets before bed.

- Do not charge your phone in your room, or at least away from your bed and out of reach, where the light won’t disturb you - unless you are on call, then that’s a different matter.

- Invest in an old fashion alarm clock. Once you are used to waking at a certain time, your body clock will wake you anyway! Your body is so cleaver, it learns about you and your wants far easier than any computer.. (avoid setting multiple alarms or hitting the snooze button as this also sets up a bad energy pattern for the day) The 5 minute rule book by Mel Robbins is amazing at changing habits like this one! You can get the book or the audible version.

- Make sure the room is not too warm - this will keep you turning all night, the body cools in sleep, that’s why when you have a nap, you can often feel cold for a short while after waking.

- There should be proper window cover or black out blinds- so many studies have shown how any light (including a torch held over the leg) can cause waking and disturbed sleep, this has even been linked to breast cancer in ladies. So a nice dark room is best.

- Noise, we are mostly extremely good at keeping our ears open, even at night, so if you are a light sleeper (I am, this I believe was due to being a single parent). use ear plugs - if it is safe to do so - they block out so much other noise.. you may have a partner that snores.. or maybe you are the snorer?! - If you or your partner snores, you need to practice nose breathing- we will cover this later.

- If you read before bed, you don’t want stimulation (horror, thriller, or even arousal) before sleep, so read something more factual in the last 30 mins .

- Bathing before bed in a warm (not too hot) bath with 3-4 cups full of magnesium salts/flakes - soak for 20 mins, maybe add some of your favourite relaxing music, candles etc..

- Spray your pillows with lavender oil and water- this is super easy to make and ensures a good rest.

- The Mattress should be less than 8 years old and turned regularly. You are in it for a long time (6-8 hours) so it is extremely important that it is comfortable.

- Bedding - try to use as much natural fibres as possible and again don’t over heat the body. Maybe if you are able to you can have a window open for some fresh circulation of air (if its not too noisy outside). Having a plant in your bedroom is also good for oxygen levels.

- Sleep with pillows- I will provide a video for optimal sleeping position - if you get everything else right, this is like the icing on the cake and possibly the most important one to follow for your body. It is scientifically proven that laying on the left hand side decreases the discomfort of GERD or acid reflux. (video below)

- Use meditation or visualisation techniques as you drift off to sleep - picture joy, happiness, gratitude and love “No matter what’s gone on in the day”, bring peace and joy at night - leg go of all fears, worries, arguments and allow healing to take place. “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious” - Thomas Edison

The PDF of this is below 👇 you can print it off or download it if you like 😊


A quick video to show you how to set yourself up to sleep in a nice supported and aligned position 👍

Class1 meditation

Meditation 1



This is a specific visualisation created for this course, written by me and beautifully put together by Claire Cox with her lovely calm and believable manner. I wanted to have something that would really allow the listener to go on a healing journey through their own body and allow the positive aspects of life and energy to soak in through the mind, leaving the negatives like pain and inflammation behind. The more you listen to this recording and really picture, feel and imagine along with it, the stronger its message becomes. Please do this daily…. It can take practice, don't worry if you can't get it straight away!

We have two options of the same recording, one is just over 8 minutes 👆and is for use when you have time to really relax and the other is exactly the same but just over 6 minutes 👇, so could be used when out and about, headphones on and take a 5 minute break, sitting in a car park, prior to a meeting etc.

Class1 extra

Extra 2

Single Leg Pull

Class1 extra

Extra 1

Rolling like a Ball

This is a Pilates technique that, if done correctly, will feel like a massage along the spine and also works the core, and challenges the balance too! Its a fun and fabulous exercise! There should only be fluid movement from start to finish, the key is to really contract the core, use the balance and move in a slow and controlled manner, without changing the rounded shape through your back. Make sure you have a thick enough mat too, so that your back is protected or add a towel.

This can be added to your daily routine!

Class1 focus

Focus 4

Glute Focus 2 Sides

You will need - a mat and some determination to get through the burn in your booty 😂

Class1 focus

Focus 3

Glute Focus 1

Minimal equipment needed: a mat.

(Video needs changing!!!!!!!!!!!)